Vintage Thermos Rocket Ship Lamp



To infinity and beyond!  This quirky little lamp is made entirely of recycled and vintage parts which have begun their ascent into a new life.

Starting at the top – the “nose cone” of the “rocket ship” is made from a couple of clock gears and the bowl of a small silver goblet.  The body is, of course, a thermos with (appropriately) a stars and planets motif, probably used in the 1960s. The “burner” on the bottom is a vintage aluminum jello mold.  A reproduction Edison flame bulb completes the ensemble.  The whole assemblage is mounted on a recycled lamp base shaped like a rocket ship, which was originally a wall lamp.   Great for the space mad youngster (or oldster) in your life!

Comes with a candelabra socket, approximately 6 ft of black vinyl cord with in-line on/off switch and a 15 watt Edison bulb as shown.

Please be sure to read the safety information before purchase.