Vintage Kitchen Scale Lamp



The balance scale has been around for thousands of years; the spring scale, however, was first produced in the 18th century and one of the commonest uses of the spring scale was in the kitchen.  These scales used the weight of dry goods in a pan at the top of the scale to force the spring down, thus moving the needle on the face.

This lamp is made from a vintage 25lb American Family scale, made by the People Scale Company in Chicago, Illinois, likely early to mid-20th century.  The forest green colour is the original finish and is in great shape, considering it’s many years of use.  The red on the dial is complemented by part of a candlestick that has been painted to match and which acts as a base for a reproduction Edison bulb.

Size 7″ x 8″ x 18″ (18cm x 20cm x 46cm)

All electrical components are new.  Comes with a standard base socket with integral switch, 25 watt filament bulb as shown and approximately 6 ft of gold vinyl cord.

Please be sure to read the ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.