Vintage Doorknob Candlesticks

DoorKnobs WEB

$15 each  (only 1 brown one left)

These cute little guys are made from vintage door knobs.  The knobs are mounted on a brass base so they look like miniature vases.  Candles not included.

Size 1.5″ x 2.5″ (4cm x 7cm)


5 thoughts on “Vintage Doorknob Candlesticks

  1. Hi,

    Are the door knobs still available ? If so, would you consider accepting $20 for the two you have left ? Do they come with the candle sticks ?



    • Hi Pierre, Unfortunately there is only one doorknob candlestick still available, and I would let you have it for $10. The candle doesn’t come with it. Thanks Margaret

  2. OK…I will take the only one left for $10. Would it be possible to pick it up Saturday or at the latest Sunday. Depending on my X-Mas errands and your availability.

    Thank You


    (819) 712-1989

    • Hi Pierre, Sure, Saturday would be best. If you could let us know well ahead of time when you’re likely to be here that would be good, as we also have some errands to do. Address is 31 Warren Ave – south off Wellington between Holland and Island Park. Phone 613-220-3082. Email Thanks.

      • My apologies…We we’re caught up all day yesterday…If I could pick it up today. Please call me on my cell (819) 712-1989.



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