Upcycled Rotary Telephone Lamp



 The first stand-alone dial telephone was introduced in 1919 and it began an era of rotary dial telephone sets that would span a good part of the 20th century.

This model is a black Bell Canada phone from sometime after the 1960s and the phone number shown on the dial indicates that it’s owners lived in Kempville, Ontario.   This artifact from Canada’s modern history has been repurposed into an accent lamp with the addition of a 25 watt bulb and wiring that runs through a flexible lamp pipe hidden in the twisty handset cable.  The handset may be repositioned and will stay in place where you put it.

Note that NO electricity runs through the phone or phone cable.

All electrical components are new.  Comes with a candelabra base socket, 25 watt bulb as shown, approximately 6 feet of clear vinyl cord and in-line on/off switch.

Please read safety information before purchase.