Upcycled Kerosene Heater Lamp



This is a vintage kerosene heater made in the 1960’s by General Sheet Metal works (GSM) of Hamilton, Ontario.  The heater has been well cleaned and sealed and is generally in great shape – mainly because, apparently,  the heater was really poorly designed and didn’t work as advertised, instead producing a great deal of noxious fumes and not a lot of heat.  I can attest to it not being used much (if at all) as there was practically no soot in the chimney that had to be cleaned off.

We have inserted an electrical socket inside and used a 40 watt (equivalent) LED bulb – this will not heat up the metal and has a life of anywhere from 10-15 years, depending on how many hours you have it on each evening.  The light coming through the cut-outs in the cap and at the top of the chimney (and even the little round holes along the bottom) produce some great shadows on the wall.  A great ‘mood’ light for those romantic evenings!

Size 8″ (diam) x 25″ including handle (20cm x 64cm)

All electrical parts are new. Supplied with approximately 6 feet of black vinyl cord with an in-line on/off switch.

Please be sure to read safety information before purchase.