Wine Cask Spigot Lamp


$180 *New Price* $160

This quirky lamp is made from various vintage and antique bits and pieces that have been waiting for each other in the workshop.  I like to call it one of the ‘Frankenlamp’ series.  The base is made from an antique piece of cast metal topped a brass piece from a vintage lamp plus one of the brass bells from the inside of a rotary telephone.  The body is an antique wooden wine cask spigot, topped by a couple of miscellaneous brass ‘things’.  The whole assemblage is given a steampunk/industrial look by the addition of a wire cage shade and a reproduction Edison bulb.

Size 7″ x 7″ x 17″ (18cm x 18cm x 44cm)

All electrical parts are new. Supplied with a standard base socket and approximately 6 feet of silver vinyl cord with an in-line toggle switch.  The 25 watt filament bulb is included.

Please be sure to read the ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.