Steampunk Exploded Clock

lampsoct16mantleclock  $195

The base of this clock is an antique clock case that was hiding un-loved in a dusty cobweb-y barn, covered in paint splatters.  The back of the clock box was missing, the face had ‘character’ (a.k.a. damp stains) and the internal mechanism was minus a few parts.  All-in-all the clock was generally in pretty rough shape.  Under all these problems, however, we recognized it’s potential.

The case, after some TLC, now showcases the patina of aged oak, albeit with a few dings that reflects its age.  Some of the original internal gears plus other brass bits and pieces have been cleaned and incorporated to make it look like there’s a window into the clock mechanism.  Add a couple of antique vacuum tubes from an old radio and a new clock mechanism and you have a steampunk-inspired exploded clock.

Size 10″ x 5″ x 18″ (25cm x 12cm x 46cm)