Small Flashlight Lamp

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The portable battery-operated hand torch introduced by the Ever Ready company in the 1890’s was made of crude paper and fibre tubes, with a bulb and rough brass reflector.  Because the batteries were weak and the bulbs primitive, these hand torches only produced a brief flash of light – hence the name ‘flashlight’.   This lamp is made from a 1960-70’s Petrel Chinese knock-off in the style of an Eveready flashlight.  It has had its glass and bulb removed, inverted over a recycled and restained wooden lamp base and given an ecru-coloured embroidered lamp shade.  The red flashlight switch is a nice touch!

Size 6″ x 6″ x 14″ (15 cm x 15cm x 36 cm)

All electrical parts are new.  Comes with a candelabra base socket that is recommended for a bulb up to 40 watts (or 60 watt CFL equivalent) and approximately 6 feet of silver vinyl lamp cord with an in-line rotary switch.

Please be sure to read the Safety Information before purchase.