Sir Frankenbot



As we gather interesting looking things and deconstruct thrift store finds, sooner or later, there’s a bunch of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ lying around the workshop.   Add these parts, a vintage art deco timer, and a little imagination and we came up with ‘Sir Frankenbot’ – a medieval torch-carrying ‘robot’.

The various parts … one of Sir Frankenbot’s legs is part of a candlestick, the other a part from a thrift store lamp; one arm is from a candestick candelabra, the other is lamp pipe covered by a fancy sleeve that originally came from a clock.  The head is a part from a thrift store lamp, a silver bowl, and the ‘feather’ is ornamentation from a brass ‘doo dad’.   Completing the assemblage is Sir Frankenbot’s sword (the handle from a collectible brass bell) and a shield, made from a vintage radio dial and brass nut.  Whew!

This was such fun to put together that these ‘Frankenbots’ may become a standard feature in our lamp repertoire.

Comes with a candelabra base socket, 25w reproduction Edison bulb as shown, and 6 feet of black vinyl cord with an in-line on/off switch.

Size 8″ x 4″ x 15″ (21cm x 10cm x 38cm)

Please read safety information before purchase.