Silver Coffee Pot Lamp



In terms of things that have been made into lamps (in the wide world of the interweb), teapots and coffeepots rank pretty high.  They range from being really nice, if it’s an interesting pot and designed with good proportions, to being just ok (or worse) if the proportions aren’t quite right.  However, the common denominator of these lamps is usually a cloth shade.  When we saw this vintage (solid!) silver coffee pot, we were struck by it’s elegant lines.  However, making a coffee pot lamp with a regular shade didn’t appeal so much, since they’re just so …. well … overdone? conventional?… dare we say, boring??   Anyway, we’ve quirkied this up by making a shade from a filigreed silver cake stand.  As a bonus, light coming through the holes in the shade make a great design on the wall.

It’s a great lamp for all you human magpies out there that love shiny things.

Size 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 17″ (24cm x 24cm x 43cm)

Comes with a medium base socket, 6′ of clear vinyl cord with an in-line on/off switch and a 25w reproduction Edison bulb as shown.

Please read Safety Information before purchase.