Rustic Water Pump Lamp



This beauty was lying rusting and dirty until we rescued it, gave it a good cleaning and sealing, and the rich colour of the original paint that came up surprised even us.  It’s a beautiful Kelly green that would make an Irishwoman’s heart proud.    We’re not certain, but it looks like a cast iron W&B Douglas 2 hand-operated well or cistern water pump from the late 19th/early 20th century.  Interesting trivia – this company, from Middletown Connecticut, also made fire engines, fire fighting equipment and cannons (!). Kind of a self-perpetuating business – one set of products causes fires, the rest puts them out.

We’ve kept the look of the water pump by replacing the piston with a lamp rod and adding a reproduction Edison bulb and wire shade to the top.  The base is felted to protect furniture.  Great for a home with country chic decor or for the cottage.

Warning:  this item is HEAVY.

Size 8″ diameter x 23″ (20 cm x 58 cm)

Please read Safety Instructions before purchase.