Melodica Lamp



The melodica is a free-reed instrument that sounds similar to a pump organ or harmonica.  You make music by blowing into the mouthpiece and pressing the keys on the keyboard.  The ‘modern’ type, like this one, was invented by Hohner in the 1950s but similar instruments have been known since the 19th century.  It’s mostly used in music education but there has been some jazz, reggae and rock music produced that features the melodica. Check out youtube for some examples!

We liked both the colour and the shape of this one and gave it a simple treatment so you can appreciate both.

Size 7″ x 5″ x 24″ (18cm x 13cm x 61cm)

All electrical parts are new. Supplied with shade as shown, medium base socket with rotating on/off switch and approximately 6 feet of black vinyl cord.  Bulb is not included.

Please be sure to read safety information before purchase.