‘Voix Majestica’ Steampunk Clock





This wondrous assemblage of various antique and vintage items makes an imposing, whimsical, steampunk-inspired clock.

Built on a recycled brass lamp base, it incorporates various clock parts, vacuum tubes, brass organ reeds, a voicing stop from a 19th century pump organ, and miscellaneous brass ‘things’.  Together they look like some kind of Victorian scientific contraption.  In a nod to the Victorian fascination with mechanical toys, it even includes a ‘wind-up’ brass elephant (it doesn’t really move – the winder is just for decoration.).  Since the elephant symbolizes wisdom, protection and good luck, it can’t be a bad thing to include in a piece of art.  To complete the decorative elements, and inspiring the name, the piece incorporates a ‘Rogers Majestic’ insignia from the famed old radio lineage.

Includes a new quartz movement which requires a single AA battery (not included).


TallClock-Detail-webSize 27″ x 6″ x 6″ (69 cm x 15cm x 15cm)