Magnavox Clock



We found this great antique horn from a 1920’s Magnavox tube radio and took a little bit of artistic license by turning it into the horn for a fake ‘gramophone’, complete with a ’78, brass speaker grill and wind up handle (originally from a rotary egg beater).  The box is hollow, so you can put your bluetooth speaker inside and the music will come out of the grill.  The sound won’t be quite as sharp, but that only adds to the authenticity!

The antique clock face fits perfectly inside the horn.  It is fixed in place, so the new quartz movement (which is behind the clock face) has an external battery holder hidden at the back of the box to facilitate changing the battery.

A great conversation piece!

Size 15″ x 15″ x 28″ (38cm x 38cm x 71cm)