Lightbulb Oil Lamp


$40 CAD

The electrical light bulb was invented as part of a whole electrical system that was designed to ‘free’ people from the drudgery of filling and maintaining oil lamps.   This soon-to-be-phased-out incandescent light bulb is giving light in a new (old) way in this ingenious oil lamp.  Thomas Edison will be pirouetting in his grave.

The recycled light bulb has a small, yet powerful rare earth magnet in it.  It is held to the wooden base, which has an embedded steel disc, by the wonderful power of magnetism.  The strong magnetic attraction keeps it very stable on the base – even when tilted to 45 degrees as shown.  The oil lamp can be tilted to almost any angle but will work best between an upright position and 45 degrees.

The base comes either in natural maple (shown) or black.  Currently, there are 6 available, 1 with a natural maple base and 5 with a black base.

Comes with the lightbulb, wooden base, a long-lasting glass fiber wick, and a small funnel to assist in filling. Instructions for use and care are also included.  The lamp oil is not included.

Size 3″ x 3″ x 5″ (8cm x 8cm x 13cm)