Ice Tongs Lamp



Ice blocks were used well into the 1930’s to keep food cold in ‘ice boxes or chests – the forerunner to the refrigerator.

This lighting sculpture is one of our ‘form follows function’ series and the vintage ice tongs appear to be holding an ice block.  The ‘ice’ is a recycled glass block and is lit from the bottom by an LED spotlight which highlights the texture  to give that fractured ‘icy’ look.   Simple yet effective.

Size 8″ x 7″ x 17′ (20cm x 18cm x 43cm)

All electrical parts are new.  The LED spotlight has a life of 15,000 hours (so should last about 11 years if used 4 hours a day).  However, in case the reality doesn’t live up to the specs, we can provide a 2nd spotlight at cost which can be changed in if necessary (they’re from Ikea so easy to find).  Please let us know when ordering if you would like the 2nd spotlight.

Please read ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.