Guitar Floor Lamp



The person who donated this student guitar to us wouldn’t recognize it – the top had a bright green lacquer finish, as well as being thoroughly beaten up and cracked.  Since it wasn’t being worth saving as a playable musical instrument, we’ve made it into this elegant floor lamp, reducing it to a silhouette and highlighting the shape with dual Edison bulbs that follow the curves of the guitar body.  The base is recycled from an old floor lamp, and it’s all held together with gas piping that has been urethaned to ensure than it doesn’t rust.

Size 13″ x 12″ x 68″ (33cm x 30cm x 173cm)

All electrical parts are new.  Provided with two 40 watt Edison bulbs which can be switched on/off individually with an integral socket switch, and 6 feet of clear vinyl electrical cord.

Please read ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.