Fan Heater Lamp



This is a 50s/60s vintage fan heater – and had been used as a fan until this summer (although the user was more trusting of the original wiring than I would have been!).  For fans (heh heh) of Canadiana, this ‘Canadian Beauty’ was made in Renfrew, Ontario.

After cleaning out 50 years worth of dust, and removing the motor, we added 3 flame-shaped Edison bulbs to keep the heater/fan theme.  We also attached the original fan blade to the back to give it a more authentic look when the lights are off.  Because of the combined wattage of  the 3 bulbs, we also added a dimmer so it won’t be too blinding.

Great vintage lighting!

Size 12″ x 6″ x 13″ (30cm x 15cm x 33cm)

All electrical parts are new. Supplied with approximately 6 feet of black vinyl cord with a variable dimmer switch.  It is shown using 3×25 watt incandescent bulbs (included).

Please be sure to read safety information before purchase.