Another lamp

We’re on the home stretch before the show on the weekend (info below).  This is a reprise of a lamp design that we’ve done before but it’s always been one of my favourite ways using vintage cameras.  It never fails to reminds me of the hopping ‘I’ in the Pixar movies, ready to shine a light into the darkest corners.




I’m starting to lose track of the numbers but I think #7 is right…

We found this great antique horn from a 1920’s Magnavox tube radio and took a little bit of artistic license by turning it into the horn for a fake ‘gramophone’, complete with a ’78, brass speaker grill and wind up handle (originally from a rotary egg beater).  The box is hollow, so you can put your bluetooth speaker inside and the music will come out of the grill.  The sound won’t be quite as sharp, but that only adds to the authenticity!

A great conversation piece!



Inspired by an ad in an old (1905) Cosmopolitan magazine that we were browsing through which asked “Are your valuables worth $8?”. While pondering what $8 would be worth today (about $230), we also realized that this ad was a perfect partner to our collection of vintage padlocks and keys that all fit nicely inside an antique wooden pencil case.   We’ve also added LED lights at the top of the box to highlight the collection – and they’re battery powered so that there’s no unsightly cord if this is used as a mantle clock.



Today’s offering is an industrial-style tractor headlight lamp, with rusty (but sealed) cast iron gear, pulley and base (used for originally who knows what.)   Needs a sturdy table – this is heavy!


A new creation


A combination frankenbot and lamp, we call this guy ‘Mars Attack:  We come in Peace”.    Made from a vintage camera, small brass level, brass camping stove, silver cutlery plus bits and pieces.  The ‘antennae’ move at the slightest provocation, so if you have him near speakers, will appear to bob in time with the music.  Good entertainment value!