Show location and date/time

I think I posted this info a couple of weeks ago, but just as a reminder… Rekindled Lighting is going to be at the Cheerfully Made Spring Show on Saturday, May 6, held in the Almonte Agricultural Hall, 192 Water St, Almonte from 10-4.  The show is also on Sunday, however, we’ll only be there on Saturday if you want a chance to see all our stuff ‘in the flesh’.  Hope to see you there!



The very last …

These are the very last new things before the show – 2 Frankenbots, ‘Nigel’ and ‘Meryl Cheep’.  Nigel is the lead guitarist in the heavy metal band U235 and is made from an eclectic assortment of stuff including an old bicycle pedal, candlestick cups, the bell from a rotary telephone, vintage tin, clock case and various bits of cutlery.  Meryl Cheep is a bird-like object who needs the extra lift of a propeller beanie hat to augment her weak-looking wings.  Made from a silver sugar bowl, fence post cap, burner from an oil lamp, a latch from an old storm window, leaf from a vegetable steamer and various bits of cutlery.  Fun to make, hopefully, fun to look at.

Spring2017Nigel     Spring2017-LampTweet

Oops – one more lamp and clock

Looking at the the rest of the website, I did notice another lamp and a clock that I had neglected let you know about.  The lamp is made from a vintage cigar box with a cast iron trivet inset.  We think it kind-of looks like a church window.  The clock is a combination of a decorative heron (from who knows what) and part of a brass candlestick.

Spring2017Lamp-CigarBox        Spring2017-LampHeronClock


Last couple of lamps before the show

Here’s the last 2 lamps we made for the Cheerfully Made show in Almonte this Saturday (I think I got them all but you could check on the ‘All Lamps for Sale’ page just in case).  We did notice that we had no lamps with regular shades in our inventory, and we know that some people do like more ”conventional’ type lamps, so decided to make a couple – the bases aren’t exactly conventional, however!

Spring2017ShoeFormLamp        Spring2017-LampProjector


Some new Frankenbots

These were so much fun to make when we tried them at the Christmas show (and they proved pretty popular) that we thought we’d make a few more.  All are made with items too small for lamps/clocks or from what’s left over when we dismantle stuff.   They’re an eclectic bunch – the design being suggested by one of more of the parts.  The first, Red Bill the space pirate, was inspired by the rotator of the meat grinder, the second, Sir Ken Tucky, by the ‘shield’ which was the top of a collectible spoon handle, and the third, Beowoof, by the shape of a burner from a gas lamp.

Spring2017-LampSpaceGuy      Spring2017-LampSirKen-tucky