GNAG show

Great start to the show at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa (corner of 2nd and Lyon).  Hours on the weekend are Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-4.   Lots of great local artisans and yummy foodie-type stuff – good opportunity to get a jump on stocking stuffers and holiday gifts.  Hope to see some of your there,  please come introduce yourself.


Last 2 lamps

Here’s the last 2 lamps before the show.  The first is a classic silver coffee pot design – it’s available with a different coloured shade if desired.  The second is a little different.  ‘Cosmo Naut’ is made from a vintage meat grinder plus lots of bits and pieces, including a pin from the Russian pavilion at Expo ’67 (hence the name).

GlebeRedShade    WebRocketFront


Another lamp

We’re on the home stretch before the show on the weekend (info below).  This is a reprise of a lamp design that we’ve done before but it’s always been one of my favourite ways using vintage cameras.  It never fails to reminds me of the hopping ‘I’ in the Pixar movies, ready to shine a light into the darkest corners.




I’m starting to lose track of the numbers but I think #7 is right…

We found this great antique horn from a 1920’s Magnavox tube radio and took a little bit of artistic license by turning it into the horn for a fake ‘gramophone’, complete with a ’78, brass speaker grill and wind up handle (originally from a rotary egg beater).  The box is hollow, so you can put your bluetooth speaker inside and the music will come out of the grill.  The sound won’t be quite as sharp, but that only adds to the authenticity!

A great conversation piece!