Art Deco/Machine Age Lamp 3



We’ve been looking into early 20th century design recently and were struck by the clean lines and simplicity of the lamps from the Art Deco/Machine Age (from about 1920-40).  While this design era was relatively short-lived, it has had an enduring effect on many aspects of industrial, interior and graphic design and architecture.  This lamp is inspired by the form and motif of lamps from that time – we think it looks like a lighthouse, or maybe a spaceship!  It is made from a few parts from a couple of different recycled lamps, glass butter dish, cocktail shaker, and brass cymbal.  The custom-designed fittings and rings are made from painted recycled wood.

Size 7″ x 7″ x 15″ (18cm x 18cm x 38cm)

All electrical parts are new.  Comes with a 40 watt equivalent LED bulb, and 6 feet of black vinyl electrical with an inline on/off switch.  Please note that an LED bulb is recommended to prevent heat buildup in the enclosed bulb space.

Please read ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.