Art Deco/Machine Age Desk Lamp 2



We’ve been looking into early 20th century design recently and were struck by the clean lines and simplicity of the lamps from the Art Deco/Machine Age (from about 1920-40).  While this design era was relatively short-lived, it has had an enduring effect on many aspects of industrial, interior and graphic design and architecture.  This lamp is inspired by the form and motif that was common to lamps from that time.  It is composed of a brass candlestick base, the lid from a silver casserole dish, a recycled lamp spindle, a candlestick cup, a pattern brass disk (from ?) and a painted recycled wood base.

Size 6″ x 6″ x 18″ (15cm x 15cm x 54cm)

All electrical parts are new.  Shown with a 40 watt equivalent LED bulb (not provided), and 6 feet of black vinyl electrical with an inline on/off switch.  Please note that an LED bulb is recommended.

Please read ‘Safety Information’ before purchase.