Antique Architect Stamp Clock



The handsome object used as the base for this clock is an antique date/payment stamp used in an architect’s office – we know it was an architect’s office as we bought it as a set with another stamp that the architect used for franking plans with his name (see the sold gallery for a picture of this clock).  That stamp read “Hewitt Architect” and, while we can’t be certain to whom it really belonged, it was found in Ottawa and there was a David A. Hewitt with an architect’s practice in Ottawa between 1897 and 1907.

This stamp has been cleaned and sealed and a clock face added on top of a brass candle cup.  The clock face has a custom frame that has been stained and distressed to match the colouring on the stamp.  A few exploding gears and springs from an antique clock completes it’s transformation into a stylish timepiece.

Size 6″ x 3″ x 14″ (15cm x 8cm x 35cm)

The clock takes 1 AA battery (not included).