Last ones before the show on Saturday.

Here’s the last few new ones, including two new types of design.  One is a hanging swag lamp, the other is an assemblage ‘Frankenbot’ made up from various bits and pieces lying around the workshop.

WebRev2SilverCoffee     WebRev2Colander     WebRev2Frankenbot

Here’s also pictures of 2 cameras that were on the website previously, but we decided that we could improve on the design.

WebRev2BrownieReflex     WebRev2KodakBellows

So that’s it – lot’s of new things to see.  The Cheerfully made show is this Weekend May 7/8 (we’re there ONLY on the 7th).  It’s in the Agricultural Building, 165 Water St, Almonte.  In addition to Almonte’s usual attractions and the Cheerfully Made show, there’s also an art show in the town hall, a plant sale in the town hall parking lot, and an exhibit at the Textile museum.  Sounds like a full day to me!  Hope to see you there.


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