re-kin-dle (r-kndl)
tr.v. re·kin·dled, re·kin·dling, re·kin·dles
1. To relight (a fire).
2. To revive or renew

Rekindled Lighting makes assemblages from vintage, recycled and found objects – they are sometimes functional  (lamps or clocks) and sometimes just fun (little robots that we call  ‘frankenbots’).  Most of the components are objects that have outlived their original usefulness and we enjoy giving them new life either individually or in ensembles to make a product that is elegant, whimsical and definitely not a big-box-store item.

These one-of-a-kind items will act as great conversation pieces in your home. Please enjoy browsing them. I hope you find them as much fun to look at as they were to make.

Rekindled Lighting is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.